In the beginning…

I started this blog after admiring the amazing accomplishments of many of my contemporary personal finance gurus.

Canada seems to have a lovely group of 20-35 year old PF bloggers who have taken charge of their lives and are on the other side of debt. I’m pleased to be there myself now, and actively seek out more advice and examples of how people like me are living their lives in this debt-fee heaven.

I paid off $45,000 of student loan debt in 7 years despite 4 bouts of unemployment, a cross-country move, some personal hard times, and lots and lots of introspection, research, and buckling down financially.

In my blissful debt-free existence, I’m establishing my priorities for retirement, debating buying a car and a house, and navigating my personal philosophy of living for today while saving for tomorrow.

I’m so fortunate to be in a good place in my life, and have been for the past few years, I thought I would join the chorus of pf voices sharing my own perspective on these next steps. I will share what I’m doing now, debate myself on some hard decisions and look back on my 7 years of debt repayment and how it was done, and how it’s set me up for a lifetime of debt-free living.



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